Vertiv Liebert Trinergy Cube UPS, 150 kW-3.4 MW Modular UPS

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150 kW-3.4 MW
Brand: Vertiv
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Liebert Trinergy Cube delivers an unparalleled 99% maximum efficiency and up to 99.5% maximum efficiency, thus reducing operating costs to a minimum, and power density per core running up to 400 kW. Trinergy Cube is the only unit in the market which allows for hot scalability up to 3.4 MW in a single UPS and up to 27 MW in parallel. Trinergy Cube intelligently adapts load power supply to respond to the environment conditions of the installation site. The system’s I/O Box and cores are rated to operate continuously up to 55°C and provide increased performances down to 20°C. This product is approved by the ETL (Energy Technology List) for UK customers. Under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, ETL listed products can claim back 100% first year capital allowance.



  • Adapts to physical space constraints

  • Ideal for all sites: any geographical location and new or existing buildings

  • Allows more free space for IT equipment Adaptive Power Rating

Adaptive Power Rating:

  • Adapts power supplied to the load to respond to the environmental conditions of the installation site

  • Optimized TCO

  • Significant electrical infrastructure and space savings

  • Under the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme, ETL-listed products can claim back 100% first-year capital allowance.


  • Adoption of a three-level NPC2 topology for both rectifier and inverter


  • Predictive maintenance

  • Event analysis, waveform capturing and harmonic spectrum analyses

  • Data logging

  • VertivTM LIFETM Services remote diagnostic and preventive monitoring embedded in the UPS

Capacity & Installation Flexibility:

  • Configurable in various layouts

  • Simplified cable routing with unlimited input / output power connection availability

  • Increased energy density

  • Single unit configuration up to 3.4 MW

Smart Capacity:

  • I/O Box and cores rated to operate continuously up to 55°C and capable of providing increased performance down to 20°C

  • Maximum input current of the UPS adjustable to meet specific protection rating requirements.

Technical Specifications
System Range 150 kW - 27 MW
Core Adaptive Power Rating (kVA) up to 200 / 400
Core Power Rating at 35°C (kW) up to 200 / 400
Maximum Efficiency with Dynamic Online 99%
Maximum Efficiency up to 99.5%
Airflow (m3/h) up to 1450 (200 kW Core) / 2600 (400 kW Core)
Heat Dissipation at Full Load in VFI (kW) 7.7 (200 kW Core) / 15.4 (400 kW Core)
Paralleling up to 10 cores in one unit, up to 8 units in parallel
Hot Swappable core Yes
Withstand Rating (kAIC) up to 100
Audible Noise (dB) 65 dBA (at partial load)
Altitude Max (m) 1000 m without derating
Operating Temperature (°C) 0-55
Input Wiring 3 ph + N + PE, 3 ph + PE
Input Voltage Range (V) 200-480
Input Frequency Range (Hz) 45-65
Input Power Factor 0.99
Input THDi 3%
Soft Start Capability Yes
Integrated Backfeed Protection Device Optional
Output Wiring 3 ph + N + PE, 3 ph + PE
Configurable Voltage Rating 380 V, 400 V, 415 V, 50/60 Hz
Permitted Load Power Factor up to 1, any PF leading or lagging; crest factor up to 3:1
Output UTHD <1.5% (100% linear load); <5% (reference non linear load)
Overload on Inverter see Liebert Trinergy Cube APP dynamic specification
Short Circuit Current (A) up to 650 A (200 kW Core) / 1300 A (400 kW Core)
General Characteristics
HMI 12-inch Color Touchscreen Including Web, SNMP, MODBUS/Jbus Protocols
Multi-language Standard
Type VRLA (Li-Ion, Pure Lead, Flywheel upon Request)
Charging Method ABM Technology or Float
Battery Voltage Range 396-700
Dimension and weight (W x D x Hmm) (Kg)
Core 200 kW 500 x 910 x 1950 465
Core 400 kW 675 x 910 x 1950 610
I/O Box 600 A 1150 x 910 x 1950 800
I/O Box 1200 A 1625 x 910 x 1950 1190
I/O Box 2400 A 2150 x 910 x 1950 1575
I/O Box 3000 A 3800 x 910 x 1950 Upon request
I/O Box 4000 A 2650 x 1820x1950 (back to back configuration) Upon request
I/O Box 5000 A 3000 x 1820x1950 (back to back configuration) Upon request
External Battery Cabinets with Long-life Batteries, Li-Ion Batteries, Pure Lead Batteries and Flywheel upon Request, Intellislot
Connectivity, Maintenance Bypass Switch
Slots 2 Intellislots
Inputs/Outputs 9/8 Programmable
Compliance with Standards
Safety IEC 62040-1, IEC 60950-1
EMC IEC 62040-2
Performance IEC 62040-3
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