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Silicom PEG6BPi5 Quad Port Copper Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express Bypass Server Adapter Intel

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  • Silicom’s Six Port Gigabit Ethernet Bypass server adapter is a 8 lanes PCI Express network interface card that contains six independent Gigabit ports on one PCI Express adapter.
  • Silicom’s Six Port Gigabit Ethernet PCI Express Bypass server adapter supports Normal, Bypass and Disconnect modes.
  • In Normal mode, the ports are independent interfaces. In Bypass mode, all packets received from one port are transmitted to adjacent port. In Disconnect mode, the adapter simulates switch / rout cable disconnection.
  • In Bypass mode, the connections of the Ethernet network ports are disconnected from the interfaces and switched over to the other port to create a crossed connection loop-back between the Ethernet ports. Hence, in bypass mode all packets received from one port are transmitted to other port and vice versa. This feature enables to bypass a failed system and provides maximum up time for the network.
  • In Disconnect mode, the adapter simulates switch / router cable disconnection. In Disconnect mode, the switch / router does not detect link partner of the adapter.
  • Silicom’s Gigabit Ethernet Bypass server adapters include an on board WDT (Watch Dog Timer) controller. The adapter’s software drivers or software application can write commands to the on board WDT controller. The adapter’s software drivers, WDT controller and the Bypass circuitry provide an interface that control and manage the mode of the adapter.


  • Bypass / Disconnect Ethernet ports on Power Fail, System Hangs or Software Application Hangs
  • Software programmable Bypass, Disconnect or Normal Mode
  • On Board Watch Dog Timer (WDT) Controller
  • Software programmable time out interval
  • Software Programmable WDT Enable / Disable counter
  • Software programmable Bypass Capability Enable / Disable
  • Software Programmable Disconnect Capability Enable / Disable
  • Software Programmable mode (Bypass, Normal or Disconnect mode) at Power up
  • Software Programmable mode (Bypass, Normal mode) at Power off
  • Independent Bypass operation in every two ports
  • Emulates standard NIC

Copper Gigabit Ethernet 1000GBASE-T:

  • Independently copper Gigabit Ethernet channels support six, four, two and one Gigabit Ethernet (1000Base-T), Fast Ethernet (100Base-Tx) and Ethernet (10Base-T)
  • Triple speed 1000Mbps (1000Base-T), 100 Mbps (100Base-Tx) and 10 Mbps
    (100Base-T) operation
  • Nway auto negotiation automatic sensing and switching between 1Gbps full duplex and 100 / 10 Mbps operations Simplex or Full Duplex
  • RJ-45 female connectors

Common Key features:

  • Host Interface standard support PCI Express 1.0a:
  • High performance, reliability, and low power use in Intel 82575 dual integrated MAC + PHY and SERDES chip controller
  • Ultra deep packet buffer per channel lowers CPU utilization
  • Hardware acceleration that can offload tasks from the host processor
  • The controllers can offload TCP/UDP/IP checksum calculations and TCP segmentation
  • Priority queuing ‚Äì 802.1p layer 2 priority encoding
  • Virtual LANs ‚Äì802.1q VLAN tagging
  • Jumbo Frame (9.5KB)
  • 802.x flow control
  • Statistics for SNMP
  • LEDs indicators for link/Activity/Bypass/Disconnect Mode status

Bypass Specification:

WDT Interval (Software Programmable):

3,276,800 mSec (3

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