Server Technology CSG-48V57425A1/CLG-48V57425A1* intelligent PDU

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The Smart Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDU) provide reliable power distribution combined with local and remote power monitoring and environmental monitoring via IP. Use the network interface to view power, temperature and
humidity levels via Web browser, or receive SNMP-based alarms and email alerts when conditions exceed dened thresholds.


More Information

The Sentry POPS Smart CDU CSG-48V5 415V 60A is a mixed outlet Cabinet Power Distribution Unit with the network and serial-based power monitoring and alerting capabilities of the Smart Cabinet CDU plus the ability to monitor:

  • Current Load (A)
  • Voltage (V)
  • Power (W)
  • Apparent Power(VA)
  • Crest Factor and
  • Power Factor

Combine the Sentry POPS Smart Cabinet CDU with the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) software tool to cluster outlets and gain power usage information across multiple Cabinet PDU's individual IP address.

The Sentry Power Manager (SPM) provides power distribution unit power (kW and kW-h) monitoring and environmental monitoring across all Sentry CDU's within the network.  Receive email alerts when power or environmental conditions exceed thresholds.  Assign users specific access rights to designated outlets or groups. 

Business Initiatives

POPS and Sentry Power Manager can be used to address the following business initiatives for the Data Center Operations Staff and Management:

How much power is our IT equipment using?

- Power information displayed for equipment per individual outlet includes current, voltage, power (kW), apparent power, crest factor and power factor.
- Outlets can be grouped and clustered together from a single Cabinet PDU to an expansion unit, across Data Centers, Cities, Countries and Continents; as long as the Sentry Power Manager has the Cabinet PDU's discovered into the system. Outlet grouping and clustering allows for control as well as aggregate (kW and kW-h) power readings.

What is our Power Usage Effectiveness?

- IT equipment power information generated from Sentry Power Manager (SPM) can be used to calculate PUE and DCIE efficiency ratings from the Green Grid.

How can determining the Power Usage Effectiveness benefit our company?

- PUE and DCiE efficiency a metrics provides the ability to determine how changes affect efficiency to monitor changes in the data center.
- Reduce energy and save
PG&E's demand response programs offer incentives for business owners who curtail their facility's energy use during times of peak demand. Find out how your business can benefit and help make a difference in the state's energy well being.

How do I identify underutilized and comatose servers as candidates for virtualization or shutdown?

- Outlet utilization is indicated via three reports including: Zero Power Report, Low Power Report and High Power Report. 

- Zero Power Report identifies outlets that are not drawing any power. 
- Low Power Report identifies underutilized and comatose servers that could be candidates for virtualization or to be shut down.  This report indicates equipment operating under a user defined power threshold.
- High Power Report identifies equipment operating above a user defined power threshold.

How do I implement Power Billing for individual departments or at a co-location facility?

- Outlet clustering can be utilized to show an aggregate power reading for these clusters.
- kW and kW-hour power information that can be utilized for billing, power monitoring, trending and power reports.

How will the Sentry Power Manager interact with my current Building Management System?

- Power and other information can be exported to a Building Management System (BMS) via the ODBC compliant database.

How do I access the power information from a Sentry CDU?

- SPM constantly polls Sentry Cabinet PDUs for power, outlet status and environmental conditions.
- SPM also is an SNMP trap destination for alerts and alarms.

What other capabilities can I utilize via the Sentry Power Manager (SPM) and POPS units?

- Configure conditions for alarm notification.
- View devices based on temperature, humidity, current and status conditions dictated within the software.

  • High Density: Single Power input feed; 48 outlets per enclosure (Quantity 36xC13 and 12xC19 outlets)
  • Power Distribution: 240/415V 3-Phase Wye 60A power input feed. 43.2kW (34.5kW derated).
  • Input Current Monitor:Precisely measure the aggregate current draw (in amps) of the circuit. On-site veri‚Äëcation of the input current with LED digital display. Remote veri‚Äëcation via web browser or serial screen.
  • IP Access & Security: Web interface, SSL, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, SNTP, Syslog, LDAP, LDAPS, TACACS, RADIUS, and RS-232 access
  • SNMP Traps and Email alerts: Provide automated alerts for power and environmental conditions
  • Environmental Monitoring: Each Smart CDU supports two external temperature & humidity probes and reports conditions thru the user interface without the need for additional IP addresses
  • Add an Expansion Module: Connect the Smart Expansion CDU (CLG) to a Master unit (CSG) for power monitoring of separate power circuits from a single IP address


Input Voltage

Read Amperage

Availble input Cord




240/415V 3-Phase Wye

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