Server Technology CS-24VY-L30M/CL-24VY-L30M* intelligent PDU

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Brand: ServerTech

The Smart Cabinet Power Distribution Units (CDU) provide reliable power distribution combined with local and remote power monitoring and environmental monitoring via IP. Use the network interface to view power, temperature and humidity levels via Web browser, or receive SNMP–based alarms and email alerts when conditions exceed defined thresholds.


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The Smart Cabinet PDU delivers reliable power distribution, local power monitoring via LEDs, power monitoring via IP and environmental (temperature & humidity) monitoring via IP.   
Increasing power demands and density in the equipment cabinet requires new functionality from your cabinet PDU.  The Sentry Cabinet PDU product family uniquely meets these demands.
The Sentry Cabinet Power Distribution Unit (CDU) is an intelligent PDU with local LED input current monitoring, allowing network engineers to utilize the Cabinet PDU's True RMS Power Monitor to precisely measure the current (in amps) that network devices are drawing on the power circuit. As new equipment units are added to the power drop, immediately observe its impact on the cumulative current draw. This allows the engineer to safely load each circuit to its maximum allowable load capacity without the danger of overloading the power circuit.   
The Cabinet PDU meets new UL 60950-1 Branch Circuit Protection requirements. Each branch circuit utilizes a Bussman® SC fuse as an Overcurrent Protection Device (OCPD).  Now you can safely run 30-amp power drops to your server cabinet where individual outlet receptacles have lower output ratings (i.e., 20-amps).

  • High Density: Single-power input feed; 24 outlets per enclosure
  • High Power Distribution: 208-240V, 3-phase 20A or 30A input power options.
  • Input Current Monitor:Precisely measure the aggregate current draw (in amps) on each phase. On-site verification of the input current with the LED digital display. Remote verification via web browser or serial screen.
  • IP Access & Security: Web interface, SSL, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, SNTP, Syslog, LDAP, LDAPS, TACACS and RS-232 access
  • Alerts: Provide automated SNMP-based alarms or email alerts for power and environmental conditions
  • Environmental Monitoring: Each Smart CDU supports two external temperature & humidity probes and reports conditions through the user interface without the need for additional IP addresses
  • Add an Expansion Module: Daisy chain the Smart CDU Expansion Module (CS/CL) for power monitoring of separate ‚ÄúA‚Äù & ‚ÄúB‚Äù power circuits from a single IP address


Input Voltage

Read Amperage

Availble input Cord




208V, 3-phase Delta

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