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Seagate STBN300 Business Storage 2-Bay NAS

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  • 24×7 remote and on-site support
  • Multi-vendor solutions & services
  • Local billing in 33+ countries
  • Competitive Price

Create a private cloud with Seagate Business Storage 2-Bay NAS. It helps protect your business-critical data and centralises your files in a single location you can access from anywhere.

  • Easy ten-minute set-up

  • Upload and download files with free apps for iPhone®, iPad® and Android® devices

  • Full-system automatic backup for PCs plus Time Machine® support for Mac® computers

  • Customise performance and data redundancy with RAID 0 and 1 configuration options*

Centralise your storage and backups

  • Whether you work alone or in an organisation, 2–Bay NAS makes it easy to protect all your business files on a single device—even if you’re not an IT pro.

  • Automatically make incremental and full-system backups of network–connected PCs

  • Compatible with Time Machine® software for Mac® computers

Private Cloud Anywhere Access

  • You can use Internet-connected PC and Mac computers to download and upload files remotely, and that’s just the beginning. The 2-Bay NAS is your private, customisable cloud storage solution—with no monthly fees.

  • Download and upload files with free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices

  • Easy-to-use web interface for securely sharing files with partners, customers and friends

Always-on data security

  • 2-Bay NAS delivers US government-grade hardware encryption technology that helps protect your all-important data where it lives: on the hard drive.

  • When you access files remotely, the 2-bay NAS also helps protect your data-in-flight with SSL/TLS, the same technology that secures your information when banking online.

RAID-enabled for additional protection.

  • 2-Bay NAS can be easily configured in RAID 1 to automatically mirror your files on both drives. If one drive fails, your business-critical data remains intact and accessible.

  • Individual drives are also hot-swappable, allowing you to replace or upgrade a drive without turning off the device.

Grab your files and go!

  • A built-in Universal Storage Module (USM™) slot lets you transfer files to and from USM-compatible portable drives at speeds up to 3× faster than USB 3.0—all at the touch of a button.

  • Ground-breaking USM technology is excellent for creating cost-effective off-site backups and for quickly backing up large files brought back from the field.

State-of-the-art media streaming

  • At home or in the office, the 2-Bay NAS can stream your films, photos and music to PC and Mac computers as well as DLNA-certified devices. Now you can easily enjoy your media library on Blu-ray players, game consoles, Internet TVs and more.

Capacity -
  • CNS3420 Dual Core 700MHz CPU
  • 512MB DRAM
  • Two (2) Serial ATA II channels
  • Hot swappable trays
  • Two (2) Ethernet ports
  • Two (2) USB 3.0 ports
  • One (1) USM port
  • 256MB flash memory for OS
Typical Weight3.73kg
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