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Seagate STBM4000300 Business Storage 1-Bay NAS 4TB Drive

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Create a private cloud with Seagate Business Storage 1-Bay NAS. It helps protect your all-important data and centralises your files in a single location you can access from anywhere.

  • Easy to set up
  • Upload and enjoy content with free apps for iPad®, ® and Android® devices
  • Full-system automatic backup for PCs plus Time Machine® support for Mac® computers
  • Stream your media library to networked computers, Internet TVs, game consoles and more

Centralised storage and backup

  • Whether you work solo or in an organisation, 1‚ÄìBay NAS makes it easy to protect all your business files on a single device‚Äîeven if you‚Äôre not an IT pro.
  • Automatically make incremental and full-system backups of network-connected PCs
  • Compatible with Time Machine¬Æ software for Mac¬Æ computers

Private Cloud Anywhere Access

  • You can use Internet-connected PC and Mac computers to download and upload files remotely, and that‚Äôs just the beginning. The 1‚ÄìBay NAS is your private, customisable cloud storage solution‚Äîwith no monthly fees.
  • Download and upload files with free apps for iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Easy-to-use web interface for securely sharing files with partners, customers and friends

Always-on data security

  • 1‚ÄìBay NAS delivers government-grade hardware encryption technology that helps protect your data where it lives: on the hard drive.
  • When you access files remotely, the 1-bay NAS also helps protect your data-in-flight with SSL/TLS, the same technology that secures your information when banking online.

USB 3.0 for more flexibility

  • The built‚Äìin USB 3.0 port makes it simple to share a printer or add capacity with external drives. With portable USB 3.0 drives you can even create cost‚Äìeffective off-site backups by taking copies of your data to a second location.

Saves power

  • Efficient power management allows the 1‚ÄìBay NAS to automatically switch to standby mode and turn on as needed. In addition, the 1‚ÄìBay NAS in standby consumes only about as much power as a night light.
Capacity4 TB
  • CNS3420 Dual Core 700MHz CPU
  • 256MB DRAM
  • One (1) Serial ATA II channel
  • One (1) Ethernet port
  • Two (2) USB 3.0 ports
Typical Weight1.44kg

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