Raritan P2CIM-SER-4 Computer Interface Modules

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Raritan P2CIM-SER-4 Computer Interface Modules - The Raritan P2CIM-SER-4 is used to Power Supply to support up to four P2CIM-SER-EU.

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Both the P2CIM-SER and P2CIM-SER-EU allow you to administer an ASCII serial device that is connected to a Dominion KX II, Paragon II or MasterConsole CAT(MCCAT) KVM switch.They do this by emulating an ASCII terminal and converting the serial data from the ASCII device into PS/2 keyboard and VGA video(800x600x60) signals. Installing either converter is quite easy. All you have to do is connect the converter to a serial port on an ASCII device using its serial DB9 connector, and then to a KVM switch using a standard Category 5e UTP cable. You also have to connect its USB connector to a powered USB port, or to a separately available Raritan PWR-SER-4 power adapter, to obtain power. One this is done, you can use the KVM switch’s monitor and keyboard to access and operate the ASCII device.You can now administer the device through a Paragon II or Dominion KX II switch.

  • Interoperates with an ASCII device as if the device were attached to a text terminal.
  • Generates video 800x600x60 with PS/2 keyboard
  • Includes an 8-page circular buffer containing the last 8 pages of data from the ASCII device. Administrators can view, copy and edit the data in the buffer.
  • Provides 12 programmable function keys for ease of use. Administrators can program the keys to send frequently-used character strings or commands to an ASCII device with one keystroke.
  • Works with Raritan Paragon II, Dominion KX II, and MCCAT KVM switches for convenient access to multiple ASCII devices and LAN/WAN components.
  • Raritan P2CIM-SER (CIM)Computer Interface Module
  • Raritan P2CIM-SER-EU (CIM)Computer Interface Module - For European Market Only
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