Mini RF Shielded Enclosure

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Brand: Enconnex

Provides industry-leading radio frequency (RF) shielding mitigating signals emanating from or interfering with electronics within the enclosure. The Shielded enclosure features lightweight construction and can be directly mounted on a 2 post rack or be held by an equipment shelf allowing installation in an office, lab, or datacenter applications. The smaller construction of this enclosure allows for a better fit for a high-density test environment.

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The Mini RF Shielded Enclosure acts as a faraday cage
preventing interfering signals from entering or exiting the
enclosure. A number of applications require RF shielding:
• Isolation of sensitive data from emergent threats
including EMI and power analysis side channels
• Mobile device testing
• Segregation of wireless networks; In-rack wireless
• Emanations control mitigating interference with
scientific equipment such as a satellite radio antenna


Lightweight, Rugged Construction

Rack weight does not limit installation locations

Reduced Rack Footprint

Seamless integration into office, lab, and data center layouts

Customizable I/O

Customizable I/O panels allow for signal, data, and power connectivity

Dimensions 11.6” x 18.9” x 16.28”
(293.5 x 480 x 413.5mm)
Max Mounting Depth 12.75” (323.85mm)
# of RUs - Usable Space 5U
Connectors in I/O Panel 2x N type connector
10x USB 3.0 connector
2x USB 2.0 connector
1x RJ45 connector
1x C14 connector
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