Best VAPT Tools in 2023

How do you make sure that the potential vulnerabilities get detected in your systems? First, before you launch any system in the market, conduct a thorough security search to lower the chances of getting hacked by the attackers.

Exploiting a loophole within your application seems to be an easy job for hackers nowadays. As a result, companies are forever looking for security measures to tighten their protective layer to conceal sensitive data and information.

Among different practices, VAPT seems to be prominent in the market for all the right reasons. Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing refers to the procedure of securing computer systems from such attackers by using advanced evaluation and assessments to detect the presence of any security vulnerabilities and loopholes within your system.

Do not let cyber hackers be on the prowl to look for such loopholes in your system. Instead, shortlist the best VAPT tools for protecting your company's data while saving millions. So how do you find the best VAPT tool for your business? Considering the best features of the VAPT tools might help in this regard. So here are the top VAPT tools to know about in 2023 for your reference:

1. Invicti

  • Formerly known as the Netsparker, Invicti is a web app security system that comes with both vulnerability scanning and penetration testing tools. Here the vulnerability scanner has three phases: pre-execution, scanning and vulnerability verification.
  • The vulnerability checks always use “proof-based scanning,” known for searching throughout the code of web applications and not just the responses to the web requests. It can detect more than 8700 vulnerabilities, test automation and browser-based scanning. It also integrates seamlessly with the project management tools while offering excellent problem verification features.
  • Here the vulnerability assessment will cover the standard web applications, like HTML5, along with plus content applications, including Drupal and WordPress. It also includes access control systems like authentication methods.
  • It can run while feeding the vulnerability alerts and bug and issue trackers, including Fogbugz, GitHub and Jira. It is also effective in testing new applications during the development testing phase. As the vulnerability scanner runs constantly, it gets more accessible for the system to spot vulnerabilities in your websites. In addition, the systems get to check the misconfigurations in supporting technology, like .NET and any such updates within the included code from other sources like content delivery systems.
  • The penetration testing tools can test the attacks using the SQL injection and cross-site scripting. Continual test running automatically as an active part of the vulnerability scanning schedule cuts out the human error risks, producing regulated test scripts. Along with this, the application offers documentation compliant with PCI DSS.

Highlights of Invicti

  • Offers excellent solutions for the NOCs, remediation teams, admins, and more
  • Comes with highly visual dashboards
  • Color coding is available for remediation prioritization & automatic threat scoring
  • No need to schedule scans or check manually, as it runs continually
  • Includes pen-testing tools, ideal for businesses with internal “red” teams
  • Available in three packages

Invicti is available in 3 editions. It can be installed on-site, and it runs on Windows. You can also access Invicti as a hosted service. Get your free demo system of this app to determine its capabilities for your purpose.

invicti web app security system

2. Acunetix

Acunetix is another application to check out if you are looking for the top VAPT tools for your company's security. The best application security testing platform enables users to safeguard web apps, APIs and websites from potential cyber threats and hackers.

It combines dynamic and static scanning technologies while using a separate monitoring agent to detect the vulnerabilities that rest within the system. It offers both compliance reporting functionalities along with vulnerability management. It is designed specifically for small businesses, web professionals, pen-testers and enterprise customers to detect vulnerabilities across critical web assets.

acunetix vapt tool

Why select Acunetix?

Here are some reasons:

  • Vulnerability Scanner, which includes the web vulnerability tests in SecDevOps processes. It is known for saving resources and avoiding any late punching. It also uses a unique scanning algorithm called SmartScan, which is highly effective in finding vulnerabilities and saving resources during penetration tests caused due to low false-positive rates. Easily deployed in Linux, macOS and Windows.
  • Can detect multiple vulnerabilities, including XSS, weak passwords, exposed databases, misconfigurations, SQL injections and even out-of-the-band vulnerabilities. Using advanced micro-level technology, you can scan complex multi-level forms along with password-protected areas.
  • Can verify the real vulnerabilities while conducting an in-depth assessment of the severity of the issues to offer you actionable insights. It eliminates the unnecessary lengthy setups and onboarding times. It facilitates quick scanning, preventing server overloading and network hogging.
  • Automation is one of the crucial aspects to consider here. Acunetix can prioritize and schedule the incremental or full scans per the traffic load and your business requirements. Uses in-built management functionality to identify vulnerabilities while integrating the current tracking systems. Incorporates the CI tools like Jenkins and import pre-seed crawl data from Postman, Fiddler, Paros, Burp, etc.
  • Seamless integrations are available with third-party applications. It effectively enhances security against attacks targeting potential vulnerabilities with appropriate web application firewall integrations. Acunetix also offers a Jenkins plugin to identify and track the risks early in the software development lifecycle.
  • Acunetix is the global web security leader catering to multiple sectors, including government, IT and telecom, healthcare, education, and financial services.

If you are looking for an application that offers robust web application scanning capabilities, high-end accuracy, and unmatched speed, Acunetix is the best option for you. In addition, it comes with a highly intuitive platform with easy-to-understand features which offers seamless ways for configurations and deployments.

acunetix vulnerability scanner

3. Intruder

Intruder is another online vulnerability scanner capable of finding potential cyber security risks in your digital infrastructure, helping your organization avoid those data breaches. It is a cloud-based scanner that offers you the option of human penetration testing. Intruder is one of the best options for you if you are looking for an application to conduct proactive security audits.

It also offers you manual evaluation by pen testers. Additionally, it has wide integrations, including Jira, Slack, Cloud (Azure, AWS, GCP), MS Teams, Zapier, etc. Using the Intruders Rest API; the application automates vulnerability management.

intruder vulnerability scanner

It can assess the web assets' security by performing the XSS or SQL injection. Along with this, Intruder can also detect potential weaknesses like poor configurations, remote code execution flaws, open ports, etc.

Highlights of Intruder

  • It can privately and publicly act as the cloud systems, endpoint devices, accessible servers, websites, and more by using the industry-leading scanning engines.
  • Capable enough to detect vulnerabilities like missing patches, misconfigurations, encryption weaknesses, and application bugs, including OWASP top 10, Cross-Site Scripting, SQL Injection, etc.
  • Can scan any devices while recommending patches for the outdated machines.
  • Seamless, highly intuitive platform with excellent UI and detailed breakdowns.
  • Can perform automatic scheduled vulnerability scans.

Intruder can secure your IT workspace and send alerts whenever it detects any risks or vulnerabilities in your applications. As a result, it reduces your attack surface while giving a holistic overview of the detected vulnerabilities. In addition, it helps automate your customer security questionnaires as it easily passes compliance audits. As a result, you can save many of the company's resources without succumbing to the ever-growing power of cyber threats and hackers.

intruder vulnerability scanner

4. Nessus

Nessus is a popular external vulnerability testing tool known for scanning IT infrastructure to evaluate the hidden threats in your system. Software vulnerabilities will always exist as the entire software development process isn’t perfect.

Often, programmers work on strict timelines, which might not allow them to identify all the required security flaws before their product launch. In such a scenario, you need a partner that can be the perfect configuration assessment tool. Nessus effectively assesses the vulnerabilities co-existing within computer systems, network devices, databases, and hypervisors. It can detect any weak passwords, misconfigurations, and even the zero-days.

One of the highlights of this assessment tool is that it can integrate with the PT tools Hydra THC. As a result, it is capable enough of finding weak passwords, while Hydra THC performs brute force or dictionary attacks to crack these passwords. Along with this, the user can also perform a Nessus scan right from within the Metasploit.

Highlights of Nessus Assessment Tool

  • Ability to deploy from any platform, including Raspberry Pi, and is fully portable
  • Available in both free and paid versions
  • High accuracy and efficiency, with the presence of plugins that increase scan performance, enabling faster completion of scans
  • Offers visibility into the internet-facing attack surface
  • Helps in uncovering security problems as a part of the SDLC before deployment
  • Simple, easy-to-understand, and seamless interface
  • Availability of 450+ templates supporting a wide range of devices and types of networks
  • Little configuration required
  • Prioritizes vulnerabilities with market-leading coverage
  • Effortlessly audit configuration compliance available against CIS benchmarks
  • Customizable reporting features with utmost optimization available to meet specific needs
  • Reporting features can be exportable in different formats
  • With every plugin update, Nessus offers live results, performing offline vulnerability assessment
  • Live results help in assessment validation, accelerating prioritization, and accurate detection
  • Grouped view of vulnerabilities available, simplifying research time and remediation prioritization

The application is one of the market's most trusted vulnerability assessment solutions that can assess the modern attack surface. It helps you to extend your security standards beyond the traditional IT assets and offers protection to the cloud infrastructure to gain visibility within the internet-connected attack surface.

nessus vulnerability testing tool

5. CrowdStrike

CrowdStrike Falcon is the perfect choice for enterprises that need proper security to maintain their IT infrastructure. It is a revolutionary cloud-based endpoint protective solution that is a state-of-the-art antivirus. In addition, it is well-equipped with response capability and endpoint detection.

As a result, it helps detect the threats immediately and root them out at the affected endpoints. Furthermore, CrowdStrike is a lightweight solution primarily due to its cloud-based architecture.

It is sturdy enough to deal with billions of endpoints daily across multiple locations seamlessly. Developers will also have access to Falcon's API, which makes it easy to connect it to different security solutions. Therefore, it enhances the overall protection of the company's managed systems.

As the brand slogan goes by, it is all about predicting while preventing potential cyber threats and crimes. It is a flexible platform that offers excellent protection while enhancing the overall performance of your business applications. In addition, this product's extended features are known for its outstanding customer support.

How does CrowdStrike Work?

It streamlines security operations. It is the leading cloud-delivered endpoint protection application, where there is no requirement to manage or maintain the on-premises equipment. It offers simplified security, including full attack visibility, device control, firewall management, antivirus protection, and more. It functions with a single lightweight sensor responsible for protecting all the endpoints, even when these are offline.

The benefits of CrowdStrike do not end here. Instead, you get more than your expectations. It is the ultimate level of protection that is constantly updating itself to get the much-needed community immunity for you from modern cyber threats. In addition, it identifies and formulates the proper remedies to ensure the complete protection of your business applications and computer systems.

Some highlights of using CrowdStrike:

  • It offers you complete visibility on USB usage with the Falcon Device Control
  • It eliminates the expenses and burden that are associated with constant updates
  • Increases endpoint performance while enhancing the security efficiency
  • Boosts prevention capabilities
  • Mapping alerts and assessment scores for real-time conditional access enforcement
  • It delivers in-depth analysis and visibility to help the system automatically identify the suspicious activity
  • It helps in detecting the stealthy attacks to end any compliance and data breaches
  • Continuous raw event recording offers unparalleled visibility along with ML models for detecting emerging threats
  • Delivers situational awareness regarding the company’s current threat level while determining its changes over time
  • Available in different versions: Falcon pro, Falcon enterprise, and Falcon elite
cloudstrike endpoint protection application


A VAPT tool is a special scanner that can automatically detect the potential threats that reside in your applications and systems. These tools can help companies to lower cyberattacks while securing their data and information from possible cybercriminals. Furthermore, periodic checks and scans of your IT assets make it easier to identify security loopholes.

How do you select the best VAPT tool for your company? Compare the features, benefits, and prices offered by the top-rated service providers in the market to get the best security tool for your business. If you need more assistance, connect with DC Gears, a name that partners with the best VAPT and cybersecurity vendors globally. We offer you the best brands with amazing prices and outstanding on-site services to meet your security requirements at once. Connect today to know more.