Black Box EFN110-020M-SCMT MT-RJ–SC, Duplex, Riser, 20-m (65.6-ft.)

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Black Box
Brand: Black Box

Premium Ceramic, Multimode, 62-5-Micron Fiber Optic Patch Cables, MT-RJ–SC, Duplex, Riser, 20-m (65.6-ft.)

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  • Choose from duplex or simplex and from riser (PVC) or plenum.
  • Available in ST®, SC, LC, and MT-RJ connector styles.
  • Duplex MT-RJ connectors are smaller than standard SC connectors, and feature the familiar “RJ“ latch.
  • LC connectors are easy-to-use RJ-45 type connectors, and are half the size of standard SC and ST connectors.
  • Ceramic connectors provide low signal loss of 0.3 dB, high reliability, and a long life.
  • Guaranteed for life!
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