Data Center Lifts

Data Center Lifts

Moving heavy-duty equipment around the data center can be challenging and risky. Lifting and moving these devices around can lead to unforeseen incidents. Data center lift is the perfect solution that make the entire transportation of such devices hassle-free in the data centers. These are ideal for moving servers weighing as high as 1000 pounds. These lifts can do everything from unboxing to transportation and placements within the specific racks. So, operators can use these data center lifts to safely move and relocate the equipment without any risks of injuries.

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1. What is a Data Center Lift?

A data center lift refers to the equipment responsible for lifting and installing servers and other IT devices within the data centers. Typically, such equipment is different from any other material handling lifts as this one is built only to function within the data center surroundings, including steady movements through the narrow aisles, which measure 3 feet or less. Such lifts are great for moving across the over-grated floors, travelling up ramps, under the overhead enclosures and are efficient tools that seamlessly support and lift the servers from the bottom to any height of the data racks or cabinets. So, the value of these data center lifts lies in the fact that these help in lowering any unforeseen events and allow the single operator to safely perform all the required tasks while handling the servers from one location to another within the data centers.

2. What are the Benefits of Data Center Lift?

The benefits of data center lift are:

  • Seamless relocations are one of the reasons why you need a data center lift. Moving around the establishment with those heavy pieces of equipment is no joke. These lifts can be beneficial to shift and conduct the non-problematic installation of different heavy devices across various facilities.
  • No compromise with the uptime while you finish your job on time with these data center lifts.
  • Usually, you update your hardware once every 2-4 years. However, these changes can be extensive and pretty dangerous for the employees. Therefore, the inclusion of these lifts helps minimise any unforeseen events in the data center while they aid in faster movement and switching of equipment safely.
  • Every day there might not be a requirement for data center server lifts, but when needed, it helps meet deadlines and enables the engineers to manage their tasks adequately.

3. What are the Types of Data Center Lifters?

The types of data center lifters:

  • One-Touch Electric Lift: It is a comprehensive solution specifically built for the data center and is available with a lifting capacity of 500 pounds. It can reach rack positions up to 52U, 8 ft, or 2.44 m. With CE and FCC/IC certification, this one is ideal for managing regular data center movement. Check out ServerLIFT SL-500X Powered Data Center Lift.
  • Super-Duty Lift: This data center server lifter is meant for heavy-duty use and offers maximum flexibility. It has a lifting capacity of 1000 pounds and can reach the rack positions to 56U, 8.75 ft, or 2.67 m. It is also available with CE and FCC/IC certification. Check out ServerLIFT SL-1000X Super Duty Data Center Lift.
  • Hand-Cranked Lift: It is a premium data center lift that can carry 350 pounds and is recommended in environments with occasional server moves. With CE, FCC/IC, and UL Safety certification, this one is ideal for reaching rack position to 52U, 8 ft, or 2.44 m. Check out ServerLIFT SL-350X Data Center Lift.
  • Front-Loading Lift: This data center lift is also meant for supporting heavy-duty use and is designed for system integrators, manufacturers, and data center facilities with wide aisles. It can support up to 500 pounds and is beneficial for fixed rail and face-mounted installs. It can reach rack positions up to 52U, 8 ft, or 2.44 m and is available with CE and FCC/IC certification.

4. What are the Functions of Data Center Lifts?

A typical data center lift must perform the following functions:

  • It should allow the operators to handle and move servers across the data centers safely and quickly
  • It needs to lift and support servers while fitting them through the standard-size elevators and doors
  • The lift needs to reach rack positions till 58U while keeping the servers aligned with the rack posts
  • Installation and removal of the servers must be done securely by these lifts while stabilising them independently after placing them within the racks

5. What is the Best Data Center Server Lifting Equipment?

ServerLift is the best brand offering data center lift solutions at affordable prices. They offer lightweight, robust, and flexible lifter handling devices for positioning, transporting, and removing servers in data centers. The motorised lifts for data center can support 1000 pounds of servers, from unboxing to placement within the racks. The brand claims to meet all the necessary global safety standards, with an outstanding 100% accident-free record.

6. How Much do Data Center Lifts Cost?

Typically, the data center lifts are available in the market at a range starting from £10,000-25500. However, the data center server lift price might fluctuate depending on the type and functionality. The best brand to refer to for hiring affordable, top-quality lifts is ServerLift. Check out their products here.

7. How to Select the Best Brand for Data Center Lifts?

Server-handling equipment is an expensive investment for any company. So, buying the right lift requires a lot of consideration and analysis of your current as well as future requirements. One of the best brands to consider in this regard is none other than ServerLIFT. The brand is known for offering excellent data center lifts skillfully crafted for use in the IT equipment industry. Some of the chief points to consider while selecting the data center server lifters include the following:

  • Width of the aisles
  • Energy usage
  • Turning the radius from the end of the narrowest aisle
  • Obstacles within the data center facility for smooth movement
  • Heating and cooling requirements
  • Security parameters
  • Frequency of movement
  • Size of racks
  • The weight of the heaviest IT equipment within the facility
  • Budget

Among these, the one that needs serious consideration is the walking space within your facility. Unless you have a decent amount of space available for easy movement, moving a lift carrying heavy materials from one place to another within your data center will be challenging.

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