Elite QuietCab Soundproof Server Cabinet - 42U

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Reduce noise in your office with QuietCab soundproof data cabinets. Soundproof Server Cabinet - 42U, 80"H x 31"W x 48"D, M6 Rails, 1100 lb. Capacity

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Peace and quiet.

Why noise control? Increased productivity. Increased profits. Research shows that prolonged exposure to noise creates stress and lowers morale. It can also lead to an increase in accidents and errors. A simple 5 dB reduction in noise can actually cut the risk of hearing loss in half. A quiet office is a productive office. How many times have you gone to work early or on the weekend because you wanted peace and quiet?

The QuietCab reduces sound by an amazing 31 dB; the most you can get today is a soundproof enclosure. And, the cabinet goes through independent, third-party testing to ensure it. So what does that mean? Noise is measured in decibels. So 31 dB noise attenuation (or reduction) means that the cabinet is removing that amount of noise from the sound source.

The noise level in a busy office with people talking measures 78 dB. Normal conversation is about 60 dB. A quiet office with no talking is 48 dB. A whisper is 23 dB. If you put the cabinet in a busy office, you'll reduce the sound to that of an office without speech. If you start with a quiet office, the sound from the cabinet would be as quiet as a whisper. In other words, you won't hear the equipment unless you press your ear against the cabinet!

The cabinet design ensures noise reduction without compromising cooling capacity. To reduce sound, the inside of the cabinets are heavily lined with one of the most effective acoustic materials available. This heavy-duty, multi-layer composite material covers all inside surfaces. Even the three cable routing panels on top are covered. For ease of use, the panels are hinged and flip-up like a door. Another cable routing panel at the base is also covered. Once you route cables, additional foam insulation is provided to close any crevices.

Very cool.

Get the best thermal performance with an incredible thermal load capacity of up to 12 kW. That's the equivalent of 37 single-processor servers and peripherals. To cool equipment, the cabinet features two variable-speed fans on the rear doors that are controlled by a temperature sensor to ensure maximum energy efficiency. Cooling occurs as ambient air comes in the front of the cabinet and is exhausted out of the rear.

Very accommodating.

This 19" cabinet is extremely well-designed and built to serve you for years to come. It holds all leading servers, including blade servers. To accommodate different types of equipment, the 19" M6 mounting rails are adjustable. It can hold a very hefty 1100 pounds of equipment. Load-bearing casters make it easy to move. Locking front and rear doors secure equipment. The cabinet is also designed with very generous cable management for both horizontal and patch cables.

A good office mate in open environments.

Why spend money on a data center when all you need is the QuietCab? It's a very economical and smart solution for environments where you need to locate equipment near workers, such as open offices, schools, medical offices, etc. By eliminating equipment noise, you'll reduce stress and improve productivity. Who can think straight when there's a lot of noise in the background?

  • Thermal load cooling capacity of up to 12 kW.
  • Attenuates sound by 31 dB
  • 19" M6 rails are adjustable.
  • Reduces equipment noise to a level below background noise in an average office or even to a whisper.
  • Independently tested as the most effective quiet cabinet in the world.
  • Noise reduction is achieved without compromising cooling capability.
  • Designed to handle higher heat loads with variable fan speed control and a temperature sensor for maximum energy efficiency.
UL 0
Attenuation 31
Capacity 1102.3
Depth, Usable 33.47
Footprint, Cladding 80H x 30.7W x 47.6D
Heat Load (Maximum) 12kW
Height, External 49.3
Power Consumption 1 Amp
RoHS Yes
Depth 48
Depth (Usable) 33.47
Dimensions (Overall Footprint) 80H x 30.7W x 47.6D
Height (External) 49.3
Locking TRUE
Rack Units 42
Weight 690
Width 30.71
Cooling Fan
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