Why is Palo Alto Considered to be the Best Cybersecurity Company?
Why is Palo Alto Considered to be the Best Cybersecurity Company?

Palo Alto is often considered one of the best cybersecurity companies worldwide. The brand is known for:

  1. Advanced External/Internal Threat Prevention
  2. Secure Traffic
  3. No-Stress Automation & Cloud Security
  4. Compliance for Security
  5. AWS Firewall Manager Integration
  6. No Lengthy Deployments
  7. ML-Powered Security
  8. Zero-Trust Enterprise
  9. Reduce Operational Expenses

Palo Alto Networks has been garnering a lot of attention from customers belonging to varied sectors for offering them outstanding preventative techniques for protecting the integrity of networks, data, and programs from unauthorized access or potential cyber threats. The brand is known for its leading firewall product, along with its cloud security services and security automation. With its 15 best-of-breed products, no wonder PANW is the best cybersecurity name in this ecosystem.

Palo Alto Networks

Cybersecurity is the top priority for every company dealing with loads of data every minute. However, with such a huge data pool, potential cyber threats are always waiting to hack your data. Hence, companies are forever chasing brands to tighten their security layers as much as possible. In this regard, cybersecurity seems to be a non-negotiable activity that can safeguard all your sensitive data and information against theft and loss. 

Your large data pool can comprise protected health information (PHI), sensitive data, personally identifiable information (PII), personal information, intellectual property, etc. Did you know that some trending web pages might not be functional enough if cybersecurity experts fail to prevent denial-of-service attacks?

Palo Alto Networks Net Score

Palo Alto is a name synchronous with cybersecurity for all the right reasons. To understand the reasons behind the massive success of this brand name in the market, let's get a closer look at its offerings.

A Brief Introduction to Palo Alto Networks

Palo Alto Networks is a top multinational cybersecurity company known for offering high-end NGFW solutions and cloud-based offerings. The brand has been serving more than 70,000 organizations in around 150 countries, among which 85 of them are Fortune 100. It is safe to declare this brand home to the Unit 42 threat research team. It ranked 8th position in the Forbes Digital 100 in 2018.

Palo Alto Networks is known for offering an exclusive enterprise cybersecurity platform for advanced network security, endpoint protection, cloud security, and different cloud-delivered services. One of their best offerings has to be the next-generation firewall which can:

  • Classify traffic based on the predefined app’s accurate identification and not just mere port/protocol information
  • Identify the unknown malicious files which are often used in the targeted attacks by instantly executing them in the virtual cloud-based environment
  • Offer real-time content scanning to protect the data from unauthorized access, spyware, viruses, leakage, and application vulnerabilities 
  • Identify, inspect and control SSL-encrypted traffic 
  • Offer graphical visualization of your apps running on your network along with the detailed group, user, and network-level data, which are further categorized into ports, bytes, sessions, time, and threats
  • Line rate, low-latency performance while delivering a logical perimeter for mobile customers
Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Platform

So, what are the best offerings of this brand? Here are some to check out:

  • includes small form-factor firewalls like PA-220 , which is ideal for small-sized companies and offices, PA-7000 series available for the large enterprises 
  • VM series, the virtualized appliance which enables companies to run the firewall as a virtual device for protecting the private clouds and virtualized data centers and remains compatible with the public cloud environments like Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure
  • Wildfire is a cloud-based threat-analysis facility for dynamic analysis, machine learning, static analysis along with bare-metal analysis for identifying and preventing unknown threats
  • GlobalProtect Cloud Service for streamlined cloud services
  • Panorama is the network security control center for managing the fleet of firewalls right from a single console
  • Traps offer advanced endpoint protection by analyzing the behavior of programs and detecting the zero-day exploits

Why Palo Alto Networks?

Now that you have a decent idea about Palo Alto's products let's take a comprehensive look at the features that help this brand become the cybersecurity leader. Some of the awards won by this brand include:

  • Leader in the 2022 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Network Firewalls
  • Leader in 2022 Frost Radar™: Cloud-native Application Protection Platforms
  • 2022 Global CWP Company of the Year Award
  • CRN's 2019 Product Of The Year: Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Firewall
  • CRN's 2019 Product Of The Year: Palo Alto Networks Prisma Cloud
Paloalto Networks

Apart from its extensive achievements, PA also surpasses critical criteria of cybersecurity features which are:

1. Advanced External/Internal Threat Prevention

Threat prevention helps defend the network against any commodity threats that might not be sophisticated but pervasive and targeted. PA excels in command-and-control protection, comprehensive exploit, and advanced threats with its latest threat intelligence.

With the availability of Threat Vault, companies can research the latest threats and devise the right set of prevention strategies. Advanced Threat Prevention is a security service offered by the brand that applies predictive analytics for disrupting attacks that use DNS for data theft or command-and-control. Hand-curated threat intelligence helps provide deep insights while offering agile access to analysts. So, it helps with significant time advantage through the custom threat feed and agile APIs.

2. Secure Traffic

PA Networks can block attackers from entering or breaking into your incoming traffic. Furthermore, as mentioned above, it can stop data exfiltration while offering command and control. In addition, the managed services provided by the brand can stop unauthorized or any east-west lateral movement. 

3. No-Stress Automation & Cloud Security

PA Networks is offering the Cloud NGFW with automated security profiles and rule stack configuration to meet the network security requirements with their resilient firewall resources. In addition, the automated Cloud NGFW is known for dynamically scaling with the network traffic to meet the unpredictable throughput needs with GWLB or AWS Gateway Load Balancer. So, it makes cloud security easier with elastic scaling and high availability.

4. Compliance for Security

PA is known for reducing data breaches due to compliance issues. It offers complete visibility along with a coordinated response to stop more threats and automate the incident responses with playbook-driven automation. So, it is safe to claim that this brand can supercharge your security concerns by lowering the mean time to inventory or MTTI with the aid of the outside-in view of any attack surface.

5. AWS Firewall Manager Integration

PA Networks brought the first NGFW, which seamlessly integrates with the AWS Firewall Manager, letting users take full advantage of automatic scaling without any maintenance requirements. How is this beneficial? This unique integration is why companies can now enable consistent firewall policy management across various other AWS accounts and VPCs.

6. No Lengthy Deployments

Skipping the lengthy deployments gets easier with NGFW products offered by PA. It helps run the processes within minutes while setting up the must-have rule stacks and the automated security profiles. And the most significant advantage is that you get to work with AWS, full integration without any complications.

7. ML-Powered Security

Do you need on-premise or hybrid cloud network security? PA has got it covered for you. With Zero Trust Network Security, customers can secure apps, data, and user profiles from anywhere while preventing unknown threats in real-time.

You no longer need to compromise with the performance due to the availability of a cloud-based machine learning approach that can keep your company's networks safe. In addition, it helps reduce the complexities of integrated security innovations across remote workers, cloud, and enterprise networks.

Paloalto networks Ml-powered NGFW

8. Zero-Trust Enterprise

Zero Trust helps achieve advanced security outcomes that can remove all the implicit trust once and for all. It keeps validating every digital interaction at each stage to control and secure the policies for authorization purposes. As a result, it enables the companies to secure access to apps, users, and infrastructure to lower the risks and threats while achieving enterprise resilience.

9. Reduce Operational Expenses

PA isn't only focused on delivering cybersecurity facilities and lowering their client companies' operational expenses. You no longer have to bear the pain of investing resources for multiple nonintegrated security controls. With single control access and security availability, one can deploy the process across the entire organization and protect data and sensitive information with the Zero Trust Enterprise.

Final Words

So, you are looking for the best brand offering advanced network security with complete bandwidth visibility, analytics capabilities, constant bandwidth spike tracking, zero trust security policies, and more. In that case, Palo Alto is the right solution provider for you.

If you need clarification about selecting the best PA series product for your company, DC Gears can assist you with the same. We partner with Palo Alto to bring their exclusive NGFW products, cybersecurity solutions, and attractive pricing. We are available in more than 40 countries and provide on-site services 24*7. Call us to know more