Tintri vs. Nutanix: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Enterprise Storage Solutions
Tintri vs. Nutanix: A Side-by-Side Comparison of Enterprise Storage Solutions

Tintri and Nutanix are both popularly known enterprise-class storage solutions that differ in terms of their pricing, characteristics, and offerings. The key differences between both brands depend on the user requirements involving scalability, virtualization, and ease of use. Tintri is known for offering VM-aware storage, which can operate at the virtual machine level and not the storage volume level. So this one can provide multi-cloud support, predictive analytics along with flexibility in deployment. On the other hand, Nutanix offers a hyper converged infrastructure that can offer computing, storage, and virtualization. It also provides high speed and low latency, while Tintri edges in scalability.

A Quick Comparison Between Tintri vs. Nutanix

Parameters Tintri Nutanix
Storage platform type Virtualized Hyper converged
Use Cases Virtualization, Cloud Virtualization, Cloud, and DevOps
Integration vSphere, Hyper-V Multi-Hypervisor, Multi-Cloud
Management VM-level VM-level, Cluster-level
Scalability Optimizes VM placement as per each VM’s storage capability and performance requirements Close to 100% scalability
Price Expensive Affordable
Designed for Environments with thousands of virtual devices running critical business databases, desktops, enterprise applications, and mobile apps as well as private cloud deployments For unifying public cloud simplicity as well as agility with private cloud security and performance, enabling business continuity through one-click operations, AI-driven automation and centralized management.

A Detailed Comparison of Features of Tintri vs. Nutanix

As already discussed, Tintri and Nutanix are known for their complete enterprise storage solutions. They offer detailed functionalities for various use cases and differ in their features, capabilities, target markets, design principles, etc. The above comparison list gives a quick overview of the significant differences between Tintri vs. Nutanix. Next, let's get a closer look at their properties to understand their functionalities in detail:

  1. Origin
  2. Target Audience
  3. Storage Platform
  4. Scalability
  5. Ease of Use & Management
  6. Price


Kieran Harty founded Tintri in 2007 and led the development at VMware, intending to solve the mismatch between the demands of applications in VM environments and conventional storage. Over time the brand has addressed the cloud requirements of its enterprise users while it is known for offering VMstore, the core product, which is also the storage system and software that can simplify management in data centers as well as cloud environments.

Dheeraj Pandey, Ajeet Singh, and Mohit Aron founded Nutanix on September 23, 2009, and are known for marketing their products as "hyper-converged infrastructure." They claim to solve the toughest cloud challenges with their all-in-one storage, computing, network & virtualization. So the brand pioneers its technology as the primary building block for private clouds.

Target Audience

Tintri is loved and trusted by some of the world's largest companies, as the brand has helped them save millions of management hours using Intelligent Infrastructure. A few names that trust this brand with their company's enterprise storage requirements include United Healthcare, Comcast, NASA, Chevron, Toyota, Lenovo Group Ltd, VMware Inc, NetSuite Inc, etc.

Nutanix offers seamless hybrid multi-cloud expansion through native integration with the public cloud. So, it is more about creating a flexible foundation that helps run and manage any application from almost any location using a single platform. As a result, nearly 23000+ advanced data centers across the globe trust this brand for cloud services and software-defined storage. Some of the customers of Nutanix include names like Pay360, Tsingtao Brewery, The Home Depot, Mercedes-Benz, AccorHotels, Acumen, AARCO, 63 Moons, Apollo Hospitals, ANSYS, Blackfriars Group, Red Hat Inc, NetSuite Inc, etc.

Storage Platform

Tintri offers virtualized storage solutions ideal for virtualized environments, while Nutanix offers hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) solutions. It combines computing, storage, and networking effortlessly within a single system, helping with simplified management and deployments.


Both brands offer exclusive scale-out storage solutions for their customers. In addition, they offer means by which the users can increase the performance and overall capabilities of their storage systems by adding more nodes to the systems.

In the case of Tintri, the VM Scale-out technology automatically helps optimize the performance and capacity of the virtualized storage by optimizing each VM's placement. Depending on the TGC Advanced predictions, overall capability and the performance of the VMstore array are modified to grow the storage footprint.

On the other hand, Nutanix can support both horizontal and vertical scaling. One can scale out by adding more nodes to the cluster or upgrading the hardware components within the node. Furthermore, Nutanix supports multi-cluster deployment for advanced scalability and resiliency. Additionally, Nutanix also offers automatic load balancing and data tiering to ensure seamless scaling.

Ease of Use & Management

Both platforms are pretty easy to use. Tintri can integrate with vSphere and Hyper-V, while Nutanix supports multiple hypervisors and cloud platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). The former offers VM-level management and visibility, which helps the customers to manage and monitor their VMs individually. On the other hand, the latter gives VM-level management along with cluster-level management for users who require a comprehensive view of their entire business infrastructure.


Tintri is generally more expensive than Nutanix solutions, especially for the ones needing large-scale storage systems. On the other hand, Nutanix is a cost-effective option for users who require a unique combination of storage, compute as well as networking capabilities within one system.


Both Tintri and Nutanix offer strong solutions for virtualized storage issues. But both come with diverse principles, target markets, and capabilities. So in case you need one of them, you can determine the right pick depending on your business requirements.

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