Black Box LB522A-KIT DeeSL.2 Ethernet Extender Kit

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Black Box
Brand: Black Box

DeeSL.2 Ethernet Extender Kit, G-SHDSL 2-Wire 11.4 Mbps

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  • An advanced auto-rate algorithm automatically determines the best possible baud rate for each connection and sets up the extender without the need for user interface.
  • The unit has a built-in MDI-X switch, so it'll work with either a straight-through cable or a crossover cable
  • Plug-and-play! Just plug it in, power it on, and it's up and running.
  • This kit includes a pair of auto-rate Ethernet extenders, using a standard 2-wire connection, which simplifies your life and provides cost-effective network extension by enabling you to make the most of your pre-existing twisted-pair infrastructure.
  • You'll be able to connect remote LANs across distances and at speeds previously unheard of. An auto-rate feature ensures that you achieve the highest possible speed on each connection.
  • Extend your Ethernet connections, and get the best combination of speed and distance available. Four Ethernet ports enable you to make up to four 10-/100-Mbps connections easily.
  • Support QoS, CoS, and VLAN: Ensure mission-critical network connections are of top quality with advanced traffic management features.
  • A built-in console port makes setup a snap. And you can also use the embedded HTTP/SNMP agent to remotely manage the unit from anywhere in the world.
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