10 Reasons For Migrating To Thales PayShield 10K
Top 10 Reasons For Migrating To Thales PayShield 10K

The top reasons for migrating to Thales payShield 10K are:

  1. Space Utilization To Reduce Expenses
  2. Incredible Service Architecture
  3. Amplify Maximum Performance
  4. Presence Of Key Erasure Confirmation
  5. Reduce Overall Power Consumption
  6. High Availability & Resiliency
  7. Faster Firmware Reduce Connectivity Disruptions
  8. Advanced Cryptographic Support
  9. Hassle-Free Indicators
  10. Robust Protective Features

You have already been enjoying the benefits of Thales Payment HSMs for providing you with the most efficient and flexible transaction security for retail payment processing. It is an application for internet payment apps, web-based PIN delivery, ACH transfers, credit card transactions, mobile payments, check clearing, intra-bank network payments, etc.

To ensure the utmost security and the best performance, the brand has been preferred by many businesses globally as its payShield 9000 has been offering all the required latest protective features. However, it is time to fully meet your company's specific security requirements to shift to the payShield 10K.

What is payShield 10K?

payShield 10K is the latest and most advanced payment HSM offered by none other than the top brand Thales. It is the fifth generation of payment HSMs brought about by the brand to provide a suite of payment security functionalities like sensitive data protection, mobile card acceptance, transaction processing, payment credential issuing, and payment tokenization.

These devices are designed to secure the cryptographic keys against compromise while offering encryption, authentication, and signing services to ensure payment. It is capable enough to be used throughout the global payment ecosystem, like its predecessors, by service providers, issuers, payment networks, acquirers, etc. So, it plays a critical role in securing payment credential issuing, card authentication, and other payment-related processes.

Why Migrate To payShield 10K?

Following are the reasons why companies can consider shifting to Thales payShield 10K:

thales payshield 10k

Space Utilization To Reduce Expenses

One thing to be conscious about the payShield is the space it will save with the new version. You get to save data center space which can be a costly affair. The payShield 10K is available in a reduced form with a height of 1U unit, meaning you get to stack twice as many units in the rack as payShield 9000.

So, it eventually helps reduce your real estate expenses, enabling better utilization of the data center space. The unit is slightly longer, making connecting to the rear panel connectors seamless. It is also available with sliding rails, which help simplify the entire installation process. The front panel design remains the same with the left and right key mechanisms, allowing you to lock the HSM within the rack securely.

Incredible Service Architecture

The payment world is continually progressing to deploy models combining public and private clouds. Therefore, in that scenario, you need the latest payment HSM, specifically designed to securely manage and monitor while delivering more capabilities to run the payment functions within a broad range of environments.

Amplify Maximum Performance

With the entire world going digital, there is a massive requirement for card payments and online transactions. As a result, vendors must constantly upgrade and monitor processing bandwidth, securing their users' payment gateways. In such circumstances, payShield 10K delivers higher RSA and 3DES performance than the previous models. In addition, its quick cryptographic engine is ideal for delivering consistent and predictable performance even in instances where TLS-based secure communications are still in use.

Presence Of Key Erasure Confirmation

Due to different security audit constraints, transferring the HSM from a production environment to another location is challenging. In that case, payShield 10K is beneficial as it consists of a dedicated key erasure confirmation light present on its rear panel. It is the one responsible for providing assurance of not leaving any sensitive keys or even data within the unit. It is also safe to decommission, and such an approach helps smooth transitions even when the unit has been powered off.

Reduce Overall Power Consumption

One thing you need to be cautious about in your data center is its overall energy consumption. Also, cooling expenses seem to be higher if companies do not maintain proper temperature and conditions within the data center.

With the payShield 10K design, you can bid goodbye to these worries as it helps conserve energy due to its power management techniques. It is made with the latest energy-efficient components, which can operate with low power consumption while delivering twice the cryptographic performance, increased by 40%. Moreover, you get to lower the data center electricity bills, which ultimately helps the company to reach its sustainability goals or the "green goals."

High Availability & Resiliency

To combat the issue of downtime, payShield 10k comes with an advanced design containing dual hot-swappable power supplies as well as fans. As a result, it effectively improves the mean time between failures or MTBF by a factor of around 14, which is an excellent option for delivering high predicted uptime. In addition, Thales is on a mission to keep the device running 24*7 to rectify the hidden issues automatically without any hindrance.

Faster Firmware Reduce Connectivity Disruptions

The payShield 10K is known for reducing the firmware update workflow processes by at least a factor of 10 without compromising the security checks required for authenticity and integrity. In this version, Thales has also improved the ease of use and reliability of the payment HSM enabling smooth automatic recovery of the loading process even if connectivity or power interruptions occur. So, overall, this one can minimize such unforeseen possibilities, delivering excellent performance and security.

Advanced Cryptographic Support

Cryptographic support offers integrity, confidentiality, entity authentication, source authentication, access control and availability, non-repudiation support, and more. Moreover, in the case of payShield 10K, you get speedy hardware-based ECC processing along with the AES, 3DES, and RSA algorithms.

These are ideal for supporting the new payment methods as many payment use cases utilize ECC rather than RSA when done via any connected devices like mobile or IoT. Furthermore, as the claims by Thales, payShield 10K is able to support a broad range of cryptographic algorithms to increase the overall range of the payment security specifications.

Hassle-Free Indicators

payShield 10K offers a straightforward, uncluttered front panel design, clearly showing the red warning triangle in case of tampering. With quick and clear visual indicators, it gets seamless for conducting background health checks to identify threats. The time-saving features in payShield 10K include the presence of the front light illumination, which highlights the unit's serial number, making it easier for the teams to read the panel. From scheduling the work to reporting to the operations team about the support requirement, the entire job gets more manageable due to the availability of key indicators.

Robust Protective Features

payShield 10K comes with advanced tamper-detecting features, which can erase keys when activated or even during an attack. To increase the overall complexity of the situation for the attacker, the device comes with a fully locked-down lid which cannot be opened without causing any major damage to the device. Such protective attributes can be counted as a bonus for shifting to the payShield 10K as it increases the security module by permanently disabling the device in case of significant attacks.

Thales payShield 10K: Advanced Payment HSM

These points, as mentioned above, are a few to consider if you are still confused about migrating to payShield 10K. In addition, Thales brings you a long list of payment HSM devices to tighten the security policies for payment purposes.

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