Arista CCS-722 Series Data Center Switch Router 722XPM-48Y4

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Designed for the demands of the interconnected IoT-enabled campus, the CCS 722 series delivers wire-speed connectivity for all campus user workloads under the management and monitoring of Arista cognitive campus services. The Arista Cognitive Campus CCS-722 series switches deliver wire speed connectivity with MACsec on all ports. The CCS-722 o#er a variety of connection options for user desktops, PoE appliances, and IoT devices. Managed 802.3af/at/bt power services delivering up to 60W per RJ45 port and speeds ranging from 10Mbps to 2.5Gbps. A choice of 25G and 10G uplinks enables 100Mbps to 25Gbps to deliver network design $exibility and scalability.


Cognitive Campus The Cognitive Management Plane (CMP) in Arista’s EOS provides rich control and telemetry APIs used to simplify and automate the deployment, and maintenance of campus infrastructure while also providing real-time monitoring of campus users, applications, and devices. As with all Arista platforms, EOS supports auto-provisioning by way of Arista Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP) to simplify device administration through CloudVision, or popular DevOps toolsets. In addition to legacy polling management, EOS CMP delivers real-time telemetry to administrators using open gRPC/game APIs used in OpenCon"g, allowing administrators to create custom management tools.

Arista EOS The Arista 722XP series runs the same Arista EOS software as all Arista products, simplifying network administration. Arista EOS is a modular switch operating system with a unique state-sharing architecture that cleanly separates the switch state from protocol processing and application logic. Built on top of a standard Linux kernel, all EOS processes run in their own protected memory space and exchange state through an in-memory database. This multi-process state-sharing architecture provides the foundation for in-service software updates and self-healing resiliency. With Arista EOS, advanced monitoring and automation capabilities such as Zero Touch Provisioning, VMTracer, and Linux-based tools can be run natively on the switch.

Customizable Topologies for Optimized Performance As with all Arista devices, the CCS-722 switches support open, standards-based, L2 MLAG and L3 ECMP load balancing features. Administrators can employ either scheme to deliver high availability load sharing at the core building, or intermediate distribution frame. The CCS-722’s Dynamic Load Balancing (DLB) feature improves on typical load sharing by dynamically tracking $ow volumes and rebalancing them across shared links to optimize network utilization. DLB interoperates with other networking platforms, helping administrators improve the performance of their installed campus infrastructure

Cognitive Segmentation The CCS-722 series supports industry-standard 802.1X and RADIUS authentication schemes and interoperates with leading authentication solutions. Authorized users and devices can be automatically segmented into assigned 802.1Q or EVPN VXLAN segmented networks, facilitating infrastructure and data security. Wire-speed layer 3 VRF segmentation is also supported, giving administrators additional $exibility for supporting the most sophisticated campus use cases. The CCS-722 switches also help administrators with WiFi segmentation by providing hardware-based VXLAN de-encapsulation of tunneled WiFi

CloudVision CloudVision is Arista's management plane solution for simplifying network operations. Built on modern state-streaming architecture, CloudVision is a multi-function software platform that enables a suite of capabilities for automated provisioning, change control, continuous compliance, real-time telemetry, predictive analytics, and 3rd party management plane orchestration. As a multi-domain solution, CloudVision is a single management platform across data centers, campuses, WiFi, multi-cloud, and routing interconnect use cases. The same CloudVision software is o#ered as an on-prem appliance (virtual or physical) as well as CloudVision as-a-Service, which is an Arista-managed SaaS solution

Memo 722XPM-48Y4
Ports 48 RJ45
4 25G, 4 10G SFP
10M-1G UTP (30W)1 48
100M-2.5G UTP (60W)2 N/A
10GSFP 4
25G SFP 4
POE power budget (single/dual PS) 968W / 1808.5W
Std Power Supply 1050W
(2 way)
(2 way)
559 Mpps
Latency 1.2 microseconds
CPU Dual Core-x86
System Memory 4GB
System Flash 8GB
Packet Buffer 4MB
USB Port 1
Console Port 1
100M/1G Management Port 1
Airflow Front-Rear/Rear-Front
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