Arista CCS-710P Series Data Center Switch Router 710P-16P

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The Arista CCS-710 fanless compact power over ethernet switch series was designed to extend the Cognitive Campus network into space-constrained and quiet environments such as conference rooms, retail showrooms, broadcast control rooms and small enclosures like ATMs. With multiple mounting options, the CCS-710 series switches are well suited for any deployment where sound and space are as important as reliable network operations.


Arista EOS The Arista 710P series runs the same single binary Arista EOS software as all Arista routing and switching products, simplifying network administration and software life cycle management. Arista EOS is a modular operating system with an architecture that separates the state from protocol processing and application logic. Built on top of a hardened Linux kernel, all EOS processes run in protected memory spaces and exchange state through an in-memory database. This multi-process state-sharing architecture provides the foundation for smart system updates and self-healing resiliency. With Arista EOS, Linux-based tools for monitoring and automation can be run natively on the switch

CloudVision CloudVision is Arista's management plane solution for simplifying network operations. Built on modern state-streaming architecture, CloudVision is a multifunction software platform that enables a suite of capabilities for automated provisioning, change control, continuous compliance, real-time telemetry, predictive analytics, and 3rd party management plane orchestration. As a multidomain solution, CloudVision is a single management platform across data centers, campuses, WiFi, multi-cloud, and routing interconnect use cases. CloudVision is an on-premise appliance (virtual or physical) as well as a SaaS solution, CloudVision-as-a-Service.

CloudVision Cognitive United Edge Arista’s CV CUE platform is a cloud-based solution designed to provide Edge-as-service IT management for small to medium businesses. A simple dashboard to manage both wired and wireless connectivity, plug-and-play Zero Touch Provisioning, and AI-powered troubleshooting tools drive down TCO while increasing user and customer experience.

Cognitive Campus Arista’s family of switching and WiFi platforms are managed through a single Cognitive Management Plane in CloudVision. Real-time telemetry, time series database for after-the-fact troubleshooting with sub-second granularity, and AI/ML-powered analytics to monitor the infrastructure, users, and applications on the Network. Rich change control is used to simplify and automate the deployment and maintenance of campus infrastructure.

Cognitive Segmentation The CCS-710 compact series supports industry-standard 802.1X and RADIUS authentication and interoperates with leading authentication solutions. Authorized users and devices can be placed into policy-assigned VLAN segments in the network, automating the network layer of zero trust architecture. EVPN VXLAN features are supported, providing additional methodologies to meet or exceed your segmentation and security policies.

Cognitive Continuous PoE Continuous PoE enables powering downstream devices even when the system is rebooted on a per-port basis. Providing uninterrupted power to devices and eliminating the need for a backup power source. The CCS-710P-16P has one PoE input port that gives the ability to power itself and PoE end devices by drawing 802.3bt up to 90W from the wiring closet

POE for Workspaces The CCS-710 delivers PoE networking in a compact, light weight, and fanless form factor. It supports new scenarios for deploying powered ethernet outside the wiring closet and into conference rooms, retail environments, remote or temporary workspaces, or sensitive locations such as classrooms and broadcast control booths where traditional fan-cooled systems are too noisy or ambient cooling is preferred to the forced air.

Power supplies The CCS-710 compact series switches are powered by external 150W or 280W power supplies providing a choice of PoE budget of 100W or 230W. The 710P-16P can also be powered through the 5 Gigabit PoE PSE uplink port, drawing up to 90W (802.3bt Type 4) of power from an upstream PoE switch. The CCS-710’s modest 40W system power requirement o"ers administrators a variety of POE subscriber budgets allowing them to optimize their equipment and power budget for workspace POE applications even when powered from upstream PoE switches.

Mounting Options The CCS-710's modern aesthetics work in o$ce desktop use cases. The optional magnetic mount allows the compact switch to be mounted to metal in either vertical or under-counter applications. The optional “L” bracket kit, allows! xing to bottom/top %at surfaces. The optional 19" rack mount kit allows the switch and its external power supply to be installed in common IDF or data center racks. The DIN rail mount option allows the switch to be deployed in manufacturing or warehousing environments

Memo 710P-16P
10M-1G UTP (30W)1 12
100M-5G UTP MGig 1
100M-5G UTP MGig (60W)2 2
100M-5G UTP MGig (PD/PSE) 1
PoE power budget (single/dual PS) 230W/40W
Standard Power Supply 260W
SFP+ 1/10G 2
(2 way)
(2 way)
Latency 1.2usec RJ45-RJ45
CPU Dual Core-x86
System Memory 4GB
System Flash 8GB
Packet Buffer 2MB
USB Port 1
Async Console Port 1
100M/1G 1
Management Port 1
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