Identity and Access Management

Identity and Access Management

IAM or identity and access management refers to commercial processes, technologies, and policies facilitating appropriate digital or electronic identity management. With this structure in the frame, the IT managers can seamlessly control the user access to critical and sensitive company data and information. IAM comprises components that identify the individuals included within the system. It helps in assigning different access levels to the groups or individuals while editing the roles as per requirements. Multifactor authentication is the critical factor enabling users to protect their data from unwanted activities and thefts.

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1. Why do companies need identity and access management?

Identity and access management comprise policies, processes, and systems that manage the user's digital identities in a secure and streamlined manner. It chiefly encompasses technologies like profile management, Single Sign-On (SSO), password management, and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). In addition, IAM incorporates three practical concepts, authorization, authentication, and identification which collectively make sure that the official ones get the appropriate access.

Six ways how companies can use identity and access management:

  • Enhancing user experience:IAM tools create unique digital identities for an individual user, consisting of a set of specific credentials, eliminating the redundant task of managing dozens of accounts for every corporate resource or application.
  • Minimizes password issues:IAM solutions are ideal for preventing different password-related problems by implementing password best practices like solid authentication measures.
  • High security:Implement appropriate security policies across all the platforms and systems making it easier to remove inappropriate access and security violations and revoke access as and when needed.
  • Improves productivity:Enhance effectiveness and efficiency of the security teams with the IAM tools, as these use machine learning and AI to automate the critical aspects of managing authentication, identities, and authorization.
  • Better regulatory compliance:IAM is responsible for meeting the government data regulatory compliances for which the organizations are accountable for controlling access to user and employee information.
  • Reducing operational expenses:IAM solutions are ideal for helping companies save business costs by minimizing the time required to deal with user account-related problems.

2. Cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premise solution: which one to choose?

While selecting between cloud-based, hybrid, or on-premise solutions, companies need to weigh the pros and cons of each solution. Let’s take a quick look at the benefits of these three solutions for reference:

  • On-premise solutions are ideal for large enterprises with resources to deal with on-premise solution integration, as it requires more control than the cloud-based ones.
  • Hybrid solutions sit right in between the cloud-based and on-premise services, which can host sensitive data on-premise while hosting less critical workloads in the cloud.
  • Cloud-based solutions enable enterprises to seamlessly implement strategies with easy scalability, immediate cost savings, and increased flexibility for businesses looking for easy expansion.

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3. What is identity and access management composed of?

Typically, the core components of identity and access management framework are:

  • A database comprising the user identities and access privileges
  • A dedicated system for auditing login and tracking access history
  • IAM-specific tools for creating, modifying, monitoring, and deleting the access privileges as assigned to the authorized users

4. How to identify if the identity access management solution can suit my business’s future needs?

It is never practically possible to accurately predict the next five years for any company. However, it is worth trying to predict the future requirements of your company from an identity solution. Some of the essential questions to include in your list are:

  • Is the IAM solution scalable?
  • Will these IAM solutions receive future patches and updates?
  • Will you be sending me the updates about the new releases?
  • Will this be a cost-effective solution throughout the deployment?

5. Will the IAM solution support different authentication methods?

No two identity and access management solutions can be the same. With each vendor, you will be receiving individual stances with different features and utilities. Some of the IAM solutions can offer around 30 various multi-factor authentications of MFA methods. So, such an approach provides high flexibility, mainly depending on the group, user, or specific application.

6. How do you determine the pricing structure of the IAM solution?

Each vendor offers a different pricing structure for the IAM solutions. They offer various benefits depending on the complicated pricing structure. It is mainly because of the following factors:

  • Per-user license fee
  • Implementation of the roles concept
  • External and internal implementation expense
  • Customization included
  • Current market trends

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7. How to get started with IAM?

To get started with IAM solutions, you need to hire the best vendor offering these services in the market. Also, it is essential to determine the specific business requirements to create an appropriate IAM solution before granting it proper permission. In the case of beginners, you need to know the specifications first and then start with the broader permissions to use the IAM tools.

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