Black Box KV1081A ServSwitch CX Uno with IP 8-Port

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Black Box
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Black Box KV1081A  ServSwitch CX Uno with IP, 8-Port. Local, remote, and global access and management for one user in a multiplatform KVM switch with IP.

  • IP support enables you to access servers remotely.
  • Connect one local or one IP user to 8 servers over TCP/IP with VNC software.
  • Resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 with DDC emulation.
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  • Supports USB-style keyboard and mouse (PC, Mac® or Sun®).
  • DDC emulation is enhanced by DC balancing to ensure true colors.
  • Cascade up to 256 servers.
  • Comes with free WIZARD.NET software.

The ServSwitch CX Uno KVM Switch with IP, 8-Port, enables one local or one remote user to connect to eight servers. This multiplatform KVM switch connects via CATx twisted-pair cable.

The CX Uno with IP also enables you to access servers across any IP network. Access and switch remotely over a private intranet or over the Internet. All you need is a Java enabled Web browser or VNC client.


Security is tight
You can set up the ServSwitch CX Uno KVM Switch with IP, 8-Port, behind the security of your network firewall, and it also has the security features it needs to be safe on its own. This enterprise-grade KVM switch uses AES128 bit encryption and RSA2048 authentication, ensuring your control system remains secure at all times. You can also configure eight separate users internally with unique access privileges, all of which are stored only within the switch.

Easy connections are standard
Connect user stations and servers via lightweight and inexpensive CAT5, CAT5e, or CAT6 UTP cable—no bulky KVM cables needed. UTP cable provides more distance than KVM cable to connect the servers. Use Server Access Modules (SAMs) to provide keyboard, video, mouse, and speaker connections. Servers may be placed 32 feet (9.8 m) from the switch.

Green technology
The ServSwitch CX Uno KVM Switch with IP, 8-Port features Ecopulse circuitry. Ecopulse powers down unused circuits when they are not required. Over the life of the switch, this reduction of power saves significant resources.

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