"We provide practical solutions to a company's storage problems. Across various segments, companies have focused on being competitive by reaching out to their suppliers and customers in a better and competitive way. This has necessitated the need of better communication systems. Procuring communication equipments is not the only solution. Providing effective solutions to house these equipments is most important. Now for nearly a decade Valrack has been doing just that: providing vital support by interconnecting business communications by bringing them together. spacer We design and manufacture open frame racks, Wall mounts, LAN Workstations, Consoles, Rackmount cabinets to general and customized solutions. Our systems have varied applications in Telecommunications, Computer Networks, Transportation, Military establishments, Radio and TV Broadcasting Corporations. spacer Our products have assembly-friendly concept, cable management features, a range of accessories to suit your needs, are highly rugged and stable with an aesthetic look.

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