"With a strong focus on the integration of design and manufacturing across the value chain, we have grown to become the premier provider of IT Equipment Handling Solutions.Creating exceptional value and a competitive advantage for our clients has made ServerLIFT the choice of leading data centers around the world. From the beginning, extensive research was conducted to identify the key features required to move servers and peripheral equipment safely and efficiently in the modern data center. This market intelligence endeavor was meticulously integrated with top engineering and design talent to create a product portfolio that exceeds the highest standards in the industry. This effort is ongoing, as we continue to innovate and respond to clients needs. ServerLIFT Corporation has forever changed the way IT equipment is handled. We have changed it in the way that data center experts want and need it to be done. By taking a holistic view of evolving demands, IT processes, and industry trends, our product roadmap ensures that ServerLIFT will continue to be the IT professional's safest data center decision.

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