PlenaForm Systems

Our expertise has broadened over the years, adapting our product design solutions to the constant changes in IT. Our product designs won several awards, including a Platinum and Gold Award for Best Computer Furniture Design at NEOCON.Not resting on past accomplishments, we were asked to come up with a solution for a client who complained that their employees feet were cold sitting at a raised floor console. Knowing that no product existed to address air flow beneath a raised floor, we got to work designing the PlenaForm® Baffle System, which blocks and or directs air flow under raised floors. Our PlenaForm Systems product line was born. Shortly after that, the innovative PlenaFill® 27U scalable blanking panel was also launched. PlenaFill blanking panels solve bypass airflow in server racks faster and less expensively than any other previous blanking panel solution on the market. We have also recently introduced a solution for the 23" telephony industry network rack air flow requirements.

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