"Minicom Advanced Systems Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of KVM switches for multiple server control and interactive systems for Computer Equipped Learning Environments (CELE). Minicom is a world leader in the development and deployment of cutting edge CAT5 technology. Minicom produces a full line of KVM switches, offering enough variety to meet any need. The latest addition to Minicom's KVM switch line is the Supervisor Phantom Family of KVM switches. Minicom's product families include the Supervisor Smart Line for budget environments, the Supervisor Pro Family enabling dual workstation control and the Supervisor Matrix Unit (MU) for multiple workstation management. Minicom also produces PC and video splitters: the Duet Family allowing access to one CPU from up to 3 workstations and a variety of UTP and regular VGA splitters. In addition Minicom manufactures a diverse line of CELE solutions for computerized classrooms. Minicom's classroom product families include the Classnet 3.15 for daisy chained individual CPU control, Classnet Board Version - the PCI card version of Classnet 3.15 and the Classnet Quattro controlling up to 4 CPUs each. Minicom's latest CELE product is the revolutionary pure software solution for computerized classrooms, providing full classroom control over LAN.