"Hitachi Maxell has pursued a policy of providing top-quality products to customers under the Maxell brand, delivering a host of products to customers around the world. We are developing our business on a global basis, providing distinctive products in the Energy, Industrial Materials, and Electronic Appliance and Consumer Product segments. In March 2014, we listed our shares on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. This move was part of our efforts to leverage the unique technologies we have cultivated over the years, delivering new value and providing services to society that extend beyond mere product sales. Hitachi Maxell derives pleasure from taking on the challenge of meeting customers’ individual needs and overcoming the inconveniences they face. We will contribute to the creation of new value for our customers in the automotive area, characterized by ongoing growth in products that reflect technological innovation; the home life and infrastructure area, which meets the needs of everyday life; and the health and beauty care area, which enriches lifestyles. We will continue taking on the challenge of providing products and services that maximize joy to customers.